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    LIQUORS | 1° Level | Bartender School Training Course

    This course delves into the numerous brand names found around the world, from vodka to cognac to absinthe, from the organoleptic point of view as well as the preferred methods of pairing them with other ingredients to invent new cocktails During the course you will analyze over 450 brands and taste up to 5 brands a day for a total of 30 different tastings of different liquors.

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    Free Bartender Course

    If you still aren’t sure if you want to take the pathway to work as a bartender you can take advantage of our 2-day bartender course to get an idea if the industry is right for you. At the MIXOLOGY Academy you can participate in an 8-hour course and learn the basics for how to make excellent cocktails! At the end of the 2 lessons you can decide whether you would like to continue with us and sign up for other professional lessons. Sign up for one of our other professional courses and take this lesson for free!

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    Bartending School | Bartender Certification

    MIXOLOGY is not just a bartending school, but a real Academy offering professional bartending courses with international certifications. On this page, you will find 5 professional pathways a student can take, beginning with the most comprehensive program to the more basic levels (as you scroll down the page). On the 2nd page you will find more information for specific courses focusing on certain specializations in the areas of theory, practice and flair. All of the professional programs are suitable for those who do not have any previous experience including those under 18 years old. A Global Bartender is a complete, professional certification that qualifies you to perform all functions behind a bar. Other programs focus on specific types of hospitality and bar settings based on your interest. If you take a lower level pathway and later decided to switch to another pathway, you can take the remaining course required to complete those programs. Every bartending course has been constructed so that once you have acquired the certification you are eligible to find work immediately in a pre-selected internship through our agency or even a possible full-time job in the industry of your choice.Thousands of people come from around the world to enlist in our European Bartending Academy: the official certification ISO9001 recorded that 85.6% of our graduates found work within 3 months from attending our courses.

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