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    GLOBAL BARTENDER | Bartending School Training Certification

    If you’re searching for a complete bartending course that will accelerate your career as a professional bartender, help you catch up and even surpass others that have had more experience in the field and give you the freedom to choose the environment and country you would like to work in, the internationally certified course — known as Global Bartender — is the program for you! As a Global Bartender you will be able to work in any type of bar, including the world’s best bars and at the most luxurious hotels. You will have a high level of expertise in the bar world thanks to a 184-hour program with a reserved internship exclusively for Global Bartenders certified as bartenders, baristas and assistant trainers through the MIXOLOGY Academy. You are also eligible to attend utilize our school to practice and take lessons within our classrooms for 12 months, completely free of charge. To help you with your job hunt we offer you the use of the database of our Bartending Job Agency, and as a Global Bartender you get first priority to receive all job announcements.

    • Duration:

      • 184 hours (over 2 months)
      • 8 hour Course on Personal Branding
      • 3 weeks of Hands-on Internship
      • 20 hours of Internship as an Assistant Trainer at the MIXOLOGY Academy

      12 month training at the Academy

    • Pagamento:

      • Contact us now to receive immediate information on the cost of this course and active promotions!

      Includes Bartending Equipment Kit and access to our Job Search Agency.

      *Payment Methods
    • Promotions:

      • Contact us now to receive immediate information on the cost of this course and active promotions!
      • Internship as Assistant Trainer at the MIXOLOGY Academy.
      • Exclusive Course on Personal Branding for Global Bartenders.
      • FREE 1 Year Subscription at the MIXOLOGY Academy.
      • FREE Registration and job search through our Agency.
      • Priority on Job Announcements.
      • Online video recipe starring you!
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    PROFESSIONAL BARTENDER | Basic | Bartending School Course Certification

    Compared to other basic bartending courses, this course is renowned for its training and preparation and is the perfect starting point in a bartender’s career to begin working in fast-paced nightclubs and bars. It’s the perfect course for those who have never worked behind a bar and available to take even if you are under 18 years of age. This program trains you in all the indispensable practical and theoretical knowledge you need to jump-start your career to becoming a true bartender. Add the 1st Advanced Level Bartender course (even after 1 year after the graduation of this course) to become a Mixologist and qualify to work in cocktail bars in Italy and throughout the world.

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    MOLECULAR MIXOLOGY | 3° Level | Bartender School Training Course

    This course is for professionals that want to become Bar Chefs in the tradition of American Bartending Style. The Molecular Mixology courses teach you to unite art with chemistry in order to create extremely innovative cocktails and shots that will impress your customers. As a bartender working in our molecular kitchen, you will learn all the latest techniques being used in the ever-evolving field of bartending. You need to have completed the professional bartending course and have a broad knowledge of international liquors and liqueurs in order to take this class.

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    VINTAGE MIXOLOGY | 2° Level | Bartender School Cocktail Course

    Journey into the past to discover old cocktail recipes that brought us to where we are today and indicate where we’ll be in the near future. The growing popularity of Retro and Vintage has grabbed the attention of professional bartenders worldwide, drawing them back to the older style cocktails and modifying them to create innovative new drinks.

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    LIQUORS | 1° Level | Bartender School Training Course

    This course delves into the numerous brand names found around the world, from vodka to cognac to absinthe, from the organoleptic point of view as well as the preferred methods of pairing them with other ingredients to invent new cocktails During the course you will analyze over 450 brands and taste up to 5 brands a day for a total of 30 different tastings of different liquors.

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