Bartender Certification

International Bartender Certification



To become a bartender you have 2 options:

You can look for a place that allows you to leave exploited as cheap trainee, hoping to find a good role barman and able to convey everything he knows for months or years;
You can attend a professional training course that have: Master Trainer and Trainer Role studying every day the art of mixing and techniques to teach it optimally to their students; friendly classrooms specifically designed for this purpose; updated programs and advanced working methods – such as the Global Bartending we patented – that allow you to be a step ahead of barman working for years, even if you do not have experience in the industry.
The moment you decide that the training is the ideal solution for you, just as he sense attend a recognized barman course and earn a Certificate of Profit-class to help them find a job in the world, rather than settle for a certificate of participation as those issued by municipalities from barman bartender schools or school that, bureaucratic purposes, not have any kind of value.

Always remember that the certificates can not be bought at the supermarket and, for a vocational training scheme, obtain one of prestige and international standing as our means of crossing severe selections based on the quality of work done.

Beyond the bureaucratic value of the so-called “piece of paper” issued at the end of a course, a corporate certificate states that the person who has obtained the highest standards of quality from the internal staff training, through periodic updates of the curriculum until we get to the analysis of the results obtained by the students in the workplace.

If not all of those who provide courses bartender can boast a REAL business certification, it is because not everyone has what it takes to get it.

Some, in order to remedy the problem, declare that their courses are still recognized, but only those with certificates as what you can see at the bottom of this page are telling you the truth.


Once you completed the program of one of our barman courses you will need to support one or more final exams.

These tests relate to the program carried out in the classroom and any additions (theoretical lecture notes, slide …) and it is our aim as Academy that you are perfectly able to successfully overcome them.

If for some reason I do not succeed in overcoming one of the exams at the first opportunity, or if you were not pleased with the vote, do not worry: each test can be repeated as often as you want at no extra charge.

Keep in mind that the examination is nothing more than a meter to see if the Academy has done the most of our work, and if you’re really ready to successfully enter the world of work.

It is no coincidence, in fact, that according to the latest official data, 85.6% of our students were able to find employment within 3 months after the conclusion of the course with the support of our partners Bartender Job, a recruitment agency for barman.


Once successfully passed the final exam of the course chosen bartender, you’ll get a professional certificate recognized around the world that will mark the beginning of your career in the world of mixology.

You will have studied recipes and concepts before then unknown, did a lot of practice and honed your technique turning you into a real pro, finally ready to aspire to enter the world of work in Italy or abroad.

Whether you decide to stay in the “beautiful country” or depart for a ‘working adventure in England, the US, Dubai or Australia, so you’ll have to take off an endless amount of satisfaction and fall in love more and more of this work together with Guests they will have the good fortune to taste your drink.

All this will be possible thanks to the professional training program carried out during the barman recognized course you have completed, and the final attestation issued by MIXOLOGY Academy, an organization internationally certified according to ISO9001.


All recognized barman courses conducted at our Academy are carried out in accordance with the standards of quality management system ISO9001: 2008 regulation for which MIXOLOGY Academy is certified by the prestigious body RINA Services. This certification is an international recognition of the validity and quality of the courses designed and delivered by our Academy in the field of administration of beverages, namely professional courses for bartenders, bartenders and bar managers. Fully embracing the spirit of the ISO9001 standard, the Academy staff primarily devotes much of his time to personal and professional improvement, as well as the optimization of the services performed, obtaining in return an increase of results even by all pupils they are the first true judges of our work.

International certification