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Barista Certification

Certified Academy ISO9001 for Barista Trainings

A barista, also known today as a coffee barista, is a highly specialized professional. For anybody to become a coffee barista, one must undergo specialized training.

If you want to enter in the industry and become a coffee barista, you need to take courses which are certified and internationally recognized, so that you have all of the indispensable knowledge and techniques to start working immediately.

Our Academy has a worldwide certification when it comes to coffee courses.

On this page you will find the professional courses – which start from 36€ a month or 400€-, particularly useful for people who don’t have any particular experience in the field but have the intention to work in the field can take the Coffee Art Specialist Program which includes all of the advanced levels.

If you are already a barista with experience, you can take our advanced classes of Latte Art and Coffee Art.

Thousands of people from all around the world have chosen our coffee barista program: and the latest reports tell us that 85,6% of our graduates find work within the first 3 months from the end of their studies.


Professional Pathways With International Certification