Certified Barista Course “BARISTA COFFEE”


Barista Workshop Training

In this course you will learn how to prepare all different types of coffee (normal and special), cappuccinos, tea and chocolate, and also study the fundamental science of the coffee bean and the mechanical specificities of how coffee machines operates.


Once you pass the theoretical/technical part of the exam you will be eligible to work a minimum of 10 hours through an internship (free of charge if signed up on waiting list).


International Certification


This barista and coffee course follows the normative law of the system of quality management ISO9001:2008 for which the MIXOLOGY Academy is certified by the prestigious RINA Services body. This international certification is recognized by the course quality and validity of the academy’s’ beverage administration and its professional courses on bartending, baristas and bar managers.


93 Stations and 5 Rooms Inside a 600 Square Meter Academy


The MIXOLOGY Academy is a professional European Academy for Bartenders and Baristas located within a 600 square meter space comprised of 5 separate rooms and 93 stations and equipped with the most modern bar supplies for an exceptional training experience. Take a look at our Virtual Tour to see our Academy, or browse  through our photo gallery!


License of Administration


The certifications for professional specialization from the MIXOLOGY Academy, approved by the municipality, will help you obtain 10 points towards obtaining a Administration of Food and Beverage License.


Hands on Internship


After passing the written practical exam for the professional barista course, students are eligible to take a 1-week internship at any bar partnering with the MIXOLOGY Academy. This is a perfect opportunity for students to put the skills they have acquired to the test. If there are no internships available at the time of your search you can sign up on a waiting list free of charge.

Job Placement Agency


The coffee art specialist course includes the opportunity to work within our bartender and barista agency (depending on your performance) and start to develop a valuable professional network among our bars and graduates from our academy. This gives your powerful edge for becoming a respected member of the hospitality and food & beverage industry.








Take advantage of one of our discounted accomodations for 6 nights (the entire lenght of the course)

90 € instead of 144 € in Hostel (SAVE 54 €), or 190 € instead of 240 € for B&B with a single room (SAVE 50 €)