Barista Training Workshop “LATTE ART”


Latte Art

LATTE ART Workshop



Latte Art is literally “the art of decoration using milk.” After making froth by heating up milk you will learn to apply it to create beautiful masterpieces on your cappuccinos. Before facing the challenges of this course we advise that you first take the professional coffee course or at least have previous experience with coffee making. The ideal situation for someone taking this course is to have at least some practice in preparing coffee and being able to froth milk correctly.


Students who have completed the professional barista coffee course and passed the theoretical/practical exam will have the opportunity to do an internship of up to 16 hours.


Those that have completed the professional coffee course or have previous experience in the field of coffee making and milk frothing (in addition to having good cappuccino decorating skills) will qualify for the Latte Art course. The Latte Art course will teach you about topping, and the use of the latte art pen for Etching, to be able to play with different shades of froth and coffee. To differentiate, a light-colored cappuccino will be decorated using coffee while a dark colored cappuccino will be decorated using milk froth. During the course you will carefully analyze and practice your pouring abilities to achieve the right designs and to leave you with a solid foundation on which to build and grow. The barista who completes this course will be able to consider himself a true artist in the decoration of cappuccinos.


International Certification


This barista and coffee course follows the normative law of the system of quality management ISO9001:2008 for which the MIXOLOGY Academy is certified by the prestigious RINA Services body. This international certification is recognized by the course quality and validity of the academy’s’ beverage administration and its professional courses on bartending, baristas and bar managers.




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