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Why Being a Bartender

For a lifetime parents and society have taught us the same lesson:”get a degree, find a steady job and buy the house” without noticing that things in the last decade have changed.

Schools and universities have drastically lowered their standard of teaching entrusted to young people less tools than to be competitive in the labor market;
the world, and not least Italy are full beyond any need for doctors, lawyers and architects who, in the absence of work, have become unemployed with honors;
buy a house, as far as real estate prices have been lowered in recent years, it becomes difficult if you do not have a job and a salary with which to pay the rent at least.
The most serious modern-era economic crisis has revealed the shortcomings of the system and the lifestyle to which they are accustomed past generations. Companies in difficulty instead groped to initiate a revolution focusing on young people, for fear of worse things have continued to rely on themselves to blame for the crisis, clearly not solving their problems. The result of these “strategies” was that in 2014, according to ISTAT data, in Italy there were 1.47 million households (5.7% of the total) in absolute poverty, ie 4 million and 102 thousand individuals (6.8% of the total population), of which the majority consists of young people.

40,000 NEW BAR

While many companies have failed and whole sectors of business are literally disappeared, the other the world of bar and club has undergone a growth boom unprecedented. Only in 2015, again in Italy, and according to official data of Confesercenti, they were born more than 40,000 new bars that have brought a dowry tens of thousands of assumptions including bartender, bartenders and bar managers.

To confirm the “fashion” of the bars and the passion for cocktails in addition to the numbers, there are advertising spots and television programs with barman at the forefront, as a mixologist on the air for the second consecutive year on DMAX, where professionals from all over Italian challenge in the realization of the best alcohol mixtures.

Barlady work
Another very interesting figure is that in recent years the number of women who have entered into this field, mostly with particular success, has risen tremendously. Not infrequently, both in cafes and in purely nightlife, to play the bar service is the so-called barlady or barmaid.


Since ancient times, at least since it existed a concept of society between human beings, they were present for the exchange places – ie markets or “bazaar” – and eating places with the dual function of supply beverages and foods and allow people to be able to meet to talk about this and that. Parties and entertainment were on the agenda at the time of the Egyptians, and today things seem neither changed nor about to change.

In Italy, despite the crisis the populations in cities and small towns grow, it increases the amount of bars and clubs as a meeting place in which accommodate the food and social “needs” of all these people and, in return, increases the work for barman (or barlady, depending on the case), bartenders and bar managers.


Barman job
Numbers in hand the question would seem to have already received a more than adequate response, yet the reasons for choosing this profession and be happy to carry it out are different:

The barman (or Barlady) is always in contact with the public and he met many people;
when it is at work, in contexts created for the amusement of people, has fun and what more of its own customers;
It has the power. Unlike the waiter who goes by the customer and delivers the preparations made by others, the barman welcomes guests in front of his desk, and it is they who owe him / her to ask the secret mixtures;
the barman is a thorough professional evolving. The study and allow growth to make his varied work, challenging and rewarding;
for their skills and knowledge the bartender is paid well;
the barman can do its job in the world;
He has great possibilities for advancement becoming bar manager or by opening a bar / club on their own.

Once you do the bartender – or “barrista” as happened to hear – meant to be enslaved for months, if not years, making coffee, cappuccinos and uncorking some drink for FREE to learn the best way (or presumed) by most experienced colleagues . Such a thing today would not be possible, either because fortunately the Italian law prevents it, both because the barman is a high-level professional who requires in-depth knowledge of the techniques and skills.

To be competitive in the mixed drink sector is essential to have played a proper professional training course. Just so you can get a good job as a barman, keep him for more than a few evenings and have an ambitious career.

The first step is to choose the right course for bartenders to be addressed with competence and not to frustrate its economic investment. That’s right, the courses to barman may have a seemingly exorbitant cost that, at least in some cases, is justified by authorized facilities, specialized and composed of competent teachers.


MIXOLOGY Academy is the Academy of vocational training for bartenders, bartenders and bar managers, as well as the only definable as Academy – and not just a school – offering courses that are also developed for 1 year or more.
After years of experience in the industry has developed its own patented method, the Global Bartending ie an evolution of the American bar that arrived in Italy after a transoceanic crossing to the end of the 80s and that all basic schools continue to use.
It ‘features of the sought international ISO9001: 2008 certification for the design and delivery of professional courses in the field of administration of drinks, in the specific courses for bartenders, bartenders and bar managers.
International certification
Newspapers and magazines / online blog as Republic, LEGGO, Corriere dello Sport and MOLLOTUTTO indicate MIXOLOGY Academy as a frame of reference at national level for the professional training of barman
Corriere dello Sport

He has formed over the years thousands of bartenders from around the world – of which there is a collection of testimonies HERE – helping them not only from a training point of view, but also providing valuable support through a recruitment agency Bartender JOB for inclusion the world of work as a barman.



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